Maria teaches irish dance both in the UK and abroad. She has been a regular teacher in Proitzer Muhle Germany and offers irish dance workshops/private tuition for all ages at beginners to advanced levels. You can also book workshops purely just for fun and fitness.

If you would like an irish dance workshop in your school/college/workplace or event do make contact. Maria will create a workshop to fit your groups requirements, wherever you are.

Please note * Maria does not give private tuition or teaching to dancers currently with An Coimisuin T.C.R.G teachers unless they have their teachers permission.

Confidence; Style; Stagecraft; For Competitive Irish Dancers.

Drawing upon her experience as a stage performer, actor and world championship level dancer herself, Maria offers specialised, personal tuition to competitive irish dancers who feel they are not reaching their full potential in irish dance competitions and on stage.

“Many irish dancers do their best performances in class or when practising at home but something goes wrong when they step out on stage. It’s so frustrating for the dancer themselves and for their teachers. Often these are the dancers that put in the most work off stage but frustratingly they fail to be noticed on stage in competition”

“This C.S.S tuition is not about changing steps, it is purely about improving your stage performance, stage presence and confidence as a competitive dancer. I will work towards discovering and dissolving what is blocking you personally from reaching your full potential during competition “


“The McGovern Ceili Dancers in Dayton OH/USA had the EXTREME pleasure of having Maria over for an outstanding workshop this summer. The dancers and parents all enjoyed her personality and teaching style. She is kind and pleasant and inspires the dancers to do their very best and to learn as much as they can with her. As the Director/owner of MCD; it was a pleasure to work with her and learn from her knowledge, insight and creativity. If you are looking for a quallity Irish Dance workshop then you should definitely schedule one with Maria!”  Shelagh McGovern USA

“My wife really really enjoyed the workshop in Kaiserslautern! She said: ” Wonderful atmosphere, beautiful figure-movements and unique steps for the hornpipe. ” Recommendable for all interested irish dancers!”  Thomas Jung

“The workshop was really well prepared. Concentrated but relaxed teaching, patient and an eye and ear for every dancer. Wonderful atmosphere during the whole workshop. Lovely figures and movements for the 2-hand/3-hands up from the start, fit to the level of the dancers. Wonderful elements, ideas and rhythm in the hornpipe steps to make them special and unique. I especially liked the “Going through” the part of a step for every dancer in solo, so everybody learned the step and the rhythm in the right way.”

Stephi Jung: Dance Captain: Fealla-Dhà Germany

For more information on workshops or private tuition contact